We create lasting relationships

Command 1, a division of VentureOx, employs a number of key elements when assisting clients with strategy and operations. These key elements provide the client with a pathway to growth that is in the realm of 10x previous expectations.

Our team has worked with various early-stage and mid-stage organizations developing a winning approach to scalability and growth through key fundamental areas of success.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We know automotive and technology like no-one else. Our team has worked with dozens of CEOs and thousands of dealerships creating over $300M in value for entrepreneurs throughout the industry. We have a proven system for managing the operations, sales and technology of your organization all while keeping strong financial controls in place allowing you to re-invest more of what you bring in.

Our experience goes well beyond automotive. Our team has worked in industries including security, loyalty marketing, wireless and more -- all with proven results and successful exits.

By The Numbers


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Focusing on expense controls, product development and finally on pipeline, we have a proven methodology to driving 10x returns.
— Mark Rankin - Founder of Command 1
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of Everything We Do



Putting the right controls in place is the first critical step in building a successful organization. Like the foundation of a building, ensuring that your controls are in place early will allow you to develop a stable platform on top.



Whether it be acquisition or product development, storming is the next key area of focus. Building a minimum viable product as fast as possible and setting it up for deployment is your next key step.



Every company should strive to build a strong pipeline and client base built on recurring revenue. This recurring revenue will allow you to properly manage using the controls setup and will drive additional resources for innovation.


Horizontal Expansion

Once you have your vertical product stack, it's time to expand to the same customers using a horizontal approach. We call this managing the exhaust. Think of it as turbocharger for your business -- all built off the exhaust.

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